Ten Warning Sign for Brain Cancer Diseases


Cancer in the 21st century is an international disaster. It has claimed millions allover the world over the last few years. It can be undoubtifully stated that it has become one of the most dangerous killer diseases.

Cancer takes various forms and can grow in any part of the body. Brain cancer is one type of cancer that develops in the human brain when a harmful tumor with abnormal cells start to grow.Brain cancer is widespread on today’s society. In the United States alone according to the National Cancer Institute, over thirty five thousand people are diagnosed with brain cancer every single year. This means that millions of people are diagnosed with this disease every year throughout the world.

Ten warning signs of brain cancer. Any type of cancer can be countered as long as it is detected early enough. What therefore are the top ten warning signs of brain cancer that call for immediate action?

1Having severe headache

Do you have a severe headache? Well, this can be an indication of many things. However, is your headache accompanied by a feeling of nausea or do you vomit whenever you have it? If yes, take an immediate action. This is a sign of brain tumor and the beginning of brain cancer. The best thing to do is to see a doctor as soon as possible for diagnosis and treatment.



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